Here are some of the common questions people ask us. This may help you with your order:


How long will it take to receive the painting?

The process of painting depends on the art work required to be painted. Usually it takes between 12-16 days.


Can I see the painting before you send it?

Yes, we will send you a picture of the painting when we finish it in order for you to give us confirmation to send it. If you would like to make changes we can do it. However that may change the receiving date to 16-18 days.


Is the ordering process safe & secure?

Yes, the payment process is 100% safe and secure through the use of PayPal services.


Can I trace my order?

Yes. When we send it we will provide you a tracking number that will help you know when you will receive the painting at your house.


Do you provide framing services?

Yes we do. If you live around Melbourne or Sydney our company offers framing services as well. Please look at weframeit.com.au for more information or call us today.

Shipping Australia-wide
and internationally

We paint it is an austrilan based company but we provide quality service
world wide our team is always avaliable for your service call us on 1300 855 652 Our services include turning your photo into a beautiful oil painting- we paint you sales@weframeiit.com.au

Family portraits are great to show your family spirit to everyone that comes to your house. pet portrait, family portrait, wedding portrait, landscape views or any other photos you have into a 100% oil painting.